Leasing Solutions

leasing solutions

This site is supported by Addventure Services. The company is a Bulgarian leasing broker registered in 2008. Our function on the market is to:

  • Support each lessee in finding the right lessor;
  • Support the lessors find their target clients and leasing assets;
  • Support vendors in providing quick and easy financing for the assets sold by them.

To make all this happen we are certain that each potential lessee needs to have fast and simple access to information for all aspects of the leasing service. Therefore we dedicate ourselves to solving the “leasing problems” and providing the following leasing solutions:

Online information on leasing

With this site, we aim to provide all possible information on leasing and its practical use in Bulgaria. Or in other words “All About Leasing”. The access will be free and online, so that anyone interested may find easily any needed leasing information.

We start with „The Leasing Basics“. Here we describe the benefits of leasing, in order for the lessees to fully understand the true value of the leasing deal. Then we describe the different types of leasing. This is important for the lessees to form their needs. We also make a quick review of leasing history. It is as interesting as is useful. We describe what the leasing interest and leasing markets are and how they work. Leasing may be very beneficial to the lessees. However, it also carries some risks and threats. We try to shed some light on these. And last but not least – we take a look at leasing around the world – the best in class stories from different countries of this popular financial service.

Information about the leasing process in Bulgaria

Not all know all the steps of the leasing workflow in Bulgaria. This, however, is rather important in order to avoid unnecessary expectations and frustration from the potential lessee. Hence we have generalized the leasing practice in the country – who, what, where and for how long does in the preparation and execution of each leasing transaction:


Generation of online leasing offers

The leasing offer is necessary even prior to making the decision for using the leasing service. Based on it, the potential lessee can take the informed decision for using leasing in the first place, for the appropriate leasing type, for the appropriate term, initial installment, residual value and all other elements of the leasing service.

Time is probably the most precious of resources. We should not have to waste time just to get a leasing offer. It is also important for the leasing offer to be flexible and allow changes made by the potential lessee, by modelling all parameters. Thus the lessee will be able to calibrate each aspect of the leasing service, as per her financial capabilities, needs and wants.

Thankfully the technological development allows us to execute this task. One important issue remains: which terms should be used for the generation of an online leasing offer? The lessors in Bulgaria are quite a few.

The solution we provide is the following:

  • First we provide the opportunity of the leasing companies themselves to generate their own online leasing offers. The added value here is that we have gathered under one roof all the leasing calculators on the Bulgarian market.
  • Sadly not all leasing companies have online leasing calculators. That is why we have developed a universal leasing calculator. We provide the potential lessees with the opportunity to generate and calibrate their leasing quote. This leasing quote is based on the prevailing terms on the Bulgarian market from time to time. That is why we call it the “market leasing quote”. The leasing quote has all the main leasing parameters and allows the lessees to quickly determine what exactly are they looking for and what can they afford.
  • After the most suiting leasing quote is found, we provide the opportunity for the generation of a full online leasing offer. Here we include already all the components of the future leasing transaction, including a template of a repayment schedule.

Unbiased advice by a leasing professional

Should the lessee have a question or is in need of advice, but prefers not to ask the lessor, and avoid the obvious conflict of interest in his answer, we can be of service. We are equally far (or close) to all lessors, although we work closely with them. Our aim is to find the most appropriate leasing service for each potential lessee.

It is not an overstatement if we say that these are two different galaxies. Each lessee has different needs and wants which are specific only to him – various cash flow, various ownership views, various residual value approach, various tax planning, etc. The leasing companies, although at first sight similar, are actually quite different – they differ in their target customers, their target leasing type, their target leasing asset, their target leasing term, their leasing products, and additional services.

We know perfectly all lessors on the Bulgarian market. Addventure Services works closely with the future lessee in order to find the optimal leasing service with the most suited lessor exactly for her.

For the lessees who want to benefit from our leasing knowledge, we provide our leasing consulting and brokerage services.

Online credit rating

Leasing is a form of financing necessary for the purchase or use of a given material asset. Respectively lessors need to analyze the creditworthiness of potential lessee before making the decision to disburse the leasing. Currently, this process lasts between seven and ten days. And in the event of a refusal from one lessor, the process begins anew with the second lessor.

We believe, that at least the refusal can take less time – say a few seconds. The scoring system which we offer uses the most commonly applied methods for analysis of the creditworthiness of potential lessees by Bulgarian leasing companies. Our aim is mainly to reduce the time needed for a credit analysis and to shed some light on the weak sides of the potential lessee (if there are such) aiming at correction of the leasing application at the inception stage.

Online leasing

We are absolutely certain that leasing, similar to any other service, should be presented fully and comprehensively online. We believe that the time of the lessees is a precious resource and online services are much less time-consuming. We are certain that online leasing is the future of this ancient service.

We are developing it since 2008.

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