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The Leasing Market in Bulgaria 2020

the leasing market of Bulgaria 2020

For the leasing market in Bulgaria in 2020, there is one good news, one bad news, and one ugly news (just like the classic movie). The good news for leasing in Bulgaria  The Bulgarian National Bank recently published data on the Bulgarian leasing market in 2020. In the accompanying press-release, at first glance, the leasing […]

The Leading Leasing Companies in Bulgaria 2020

Many future lessees are interested in the size and sustainability of leasing companiesA company whose main activity is… More before entering into business relationships with them. At the same time, such a summary ranking does not exist in public. An indirect way to rank the leading leasing companiesA company whose main activity is… More in […]

Slump in the new leasing business in Q1 2020

Slump in the new leasing business in Q1 2020

The recovery of the Bulgarian leasing business from the World Financial Crisis 2008-2009, which started back in 2010, did not reach the levels of new business from 2008 (the highest on record for the country). Restrictions on economic activity and the movement of people imposed in Bulgaria in order to limit the spread of Covid-19 […]

The Coronavirus is taking leasing casualties

Hertz is closed

Undoubtedly, the leasing industry will suffer significantly from the economic recession caused by measures to combat the Coronavirus. The Wall Street Journal announced last Friday, May 22, 2020, that the world’s oldest car rental and leasing company and one of the largest in the United States, Hertz, has filed for bankruptcy. In March 2020, Hertz […]

Interlease Provides for Digital Lease Payments

digital lease payments

The week brought some great news for the Bulgarian leasing market. One of the oldest and largest leasing companiesA company whose main activity is… More in the country – UBB Interlease has partnered with two of the leading electronic payment systems in the country EasyPay and Thus, Interlease introduces electronic lease payments and increased […]

Leasing Portfolio in Bulgaria 2019

Leasing portfolio in Bulgaria 2019

2019 is yet another year since 2015, in which we note an increase in the leasing portfolio in Bulgaria. In 2019, the increase is by BGN 255 million or 6.31% on an annual basis. The total lease receivables (leasing portfolio) permanently holding above BGN 4 billion and reaching BGN 4.293 billion. This level is still […]

Leasing Penetration in Bulgaria 2019

Leasing penetration is an indicator which illustrates the interest in investing and refurbishing the economy in a country and the use of leasing finance in the process. Leasing penetration in Bulgaria at the end of 2019, measured as the ratio of new leasing business to GDP for one year, continues to increase and already exceeds […]

Leasing Companies in Bulgaria at the end of 2019

Лизингови компании в България 2019

On February 17, 2019, the Bulgarian National Bank published the data for the Leasing market in Bulgaria in 2019. The BNB press release can be read here. In a series of articles, we will share some more interesting additional findings of the published data. First, let’s look at the changes in the number of operating […]

The Insurance Industry in South-Eastern Europe

Leasing and Insurance: Insurance in SEE and part of CIS EN

Leasing and insurance are always closely linked. The object of any lease transaction is the leasing assetThe leasing asset is the subject… More. The leasing assetThe leasing asset is the subject… More, in turn, carries various risks related to its existence and proper functioning. The insurance industry is one that helps the leasing industry overcome […]

Z Frank Before You Buy!

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