Interlease Provides for Digital Lease Payments

digital lease payments

digital lease payments

The week brought some great news for the Bulgarian leasing market. One of the oldest and largest leasing companies in the country – UBB Interlease has partnered with two of the leading electronic payment systems in the country EasyPay and Thus, Interlease introduces electronic lease payments and increased geographical coverage for cash payments to its customers and becomes the first leasing company to provide such an opportunity. The news was announced on 03/02/2020 on the company’s website.

Introducing the possibility of digital lease payments brings benefits to the Interlease leassees. They receive technical relief related to the electronic payment option and the vast national EasyPay network when servicing their leases. In addition, the new partnerships reduce the cost of payments to the leasing company (the service fees on both platforms are significantly lower than those of any bank).

Often, lessees do not think about the leasing administration before closing the contract. They also do not think about the additional costs they will incur in connection with the payment of their leasing obligations. Moreover, even the regulatory framework does not account for the additional costs of servicing leasing contracts, such as bank fees (which have recently increased substantially), in the APR (annual percentage rate). Interlease’s new partnership enables their lessees to reduce the bank fees associated with servicing their leasing obligations.

This year UBB Interlease marks 25 years of successful business in the Bulgarian market. The option for use of various forms of payment of the lease installments is part of the innovations in line, which the company has prepared for its clients.

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The management of leasing contracts at UBB Interlease has always been at an excellent level. By introducing the possibility of electronic payments and disbursed cash payments, the company further improves the care for its clients and facilitates the servicing of its leases.

Hopefully, other leasing companies will follow the innovative example of UBB Interlease.


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