We are certain that if we know the leasing process, or as it is more commonly known – the leasing workflow, if we know what to expect, who does what and when, what follows what, and roughly how long will the leasing process take, it will “hurt” less and the results can be really “beautiful”.

It is quite clear that the leasing workflow in various countries around the World differs substantially. True to the Mission of our site we will again focus on the leasing market in Bulgaria. The leasing process, even in our country is diverse and often differs from one lessor to the next. The local differences, however, are mainly due to the specific focus of each individual leasing company, the type of leasing asset or the volume of the leasing transaction. These differences are not substantial and will not hinder us on our way to generalize the steps of the leasing process.

It is quite possible that for some types of leasing, the steps or the terms of the individual steps from the leasing workflow will deviate, due to the specifics of the transaction. Generally, however, the leasing workflow in Bulgaria will follow the pattern described herewith:

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