Useful Links

Bulgarian Leasing Association

The Bulgarian Leasing Association unites the leading leasing companies in Bulgaria. The Association website can find interesting statistics for the development of the leasing market in the country since 2001, as well as the legal basis regulating the leasing activity.

Bulgarian National Bank

The BNB keeps records of all leasing companies, which can be seen here. We note that besides leasing companies, other financial institutions (eg fast loan companies, etc.) are also included here. The BNB also provides interesting statistics on the leasing market in Bulgaria: a summarized leasing portfolio, a summary of new business information, and a summary balance sheet of all leasing companies in the country.

Lease Europe

Lease Europe is a federation of leasing associations in Europe, where the Bulgarian Leasing Association is also a member. Interesting information on the development of the leasing market in Europe, an annual ranking of the leasing companies in the continent, links to its member associations, various publications and surveys, interesting information on the lease, and information on organized leasing events can be found on its site.

Leasing Life

Magazine published in the UK, which is entirely dedicated to leasing.